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Postal pride with a dose of rock ‘n’ roll

Left: Crestview, FL, Rural Carrier Associate Anita Fee prepares the mail at her case before leaving for the street. Fee is able to do on one leg what many people find difficult using two. Right: Twin Cities Public Television videographer/producer Maria Bartholdi attaches a portable microphone onto the coat of St. Paul, MN, City Carrier Georgia Ramin (right), who is the subject of a profile for the award-winning weekly arts TV series "Minnesota Original."

Two strong women who are passionate about delivering great customer service are profiled in this episode of Your Postal Podcast. First you'll hear the story of a St. Paul, MN, employee who enjoys the important role she plays as a letter carrier by day, and is being featured on a local TV show because she also serves as the lead singer in a rock band by night. Next you'll meet a Crestview, FL, rural carrier who is able to deliver the mail to her customers despite having only one leg.

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