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Take Me Out to the Mailbox

The Baseball Seams Co. Owner Nathan Rueckert (left photo) creates works of art using the dreams of used baseballs. Sioux Falls, SD, City Carrier Don Shea (right photo) picks up a shipment of Rueckert's framed artwork for delivery to his customers across the country.

The grand American traditions of nostalgia, baseball and Priority Mail come together for the latest edition of Your Postal Podcast. You'll also hear about the new Forever Stamps honoring our National Parks' 100th Anniversary in our regular news roundup segment.
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Take Me Out to the Mailbox - Transcript

Transcript for May 2016 Podcast

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The grand highs and lows of mail delivery


Photos (top): A mule is packed with food and other goods for delivery to inhabitants of the Supai, AZ, village at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Bottom: Leadville, CO, City Carrier Leonard Ortega delivers mail from the Post Office at the highest elevation in the United States.

Go to extremes with this month's edition of Your Postal Podcast, on a whirlwind trip that starts at the Grand Canyon and then travels to the highest and lowest Post Offices in our nation.

We'll also introduce you to new USPS greeting cards designed specifically for sending a salute to everyday heroes. You'll also learn how you can enter to win a free set of Bonsai notecards and stamps.

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The grand highs and lows of mail delivery — transcript

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