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Delivery on Ice and Mr. ZIP turns 50

Posted in DefaultTag, Mr. Zip, Delivery by yourpostalpodcast on March 18th, 2013

YPPCaravetta.jpgYPPMRZIPbutton.jpgThis month we'll take you on what some would consider a ride of a lifetime, but it is just another winter day's work for Fred Caravetta who crosses a frozen lake to deliver the mail to Minnesota customers.

You'll also hear about an iconic letter carrier who is celebrating five decades of service this year.

The program concludes with a roundup of postal news, plus details on how you can enter to win a Mr. ZIP collectible bobblehead doll.

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Photos: Minnesota Highway Contract Route Driver Fred Caravetta (l.) with his sled full of mail destined for Oak Island and (r) a vintage 1960's lapel button featuring Mr. ZIP