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Recycling is Where the Auction is

Posted in DefaultTag, USPS, ZIP Code by yourpostalpodcast on April 16th, 2013

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Even comic strip detective Dick Tracy (left) got involved in promoting ZIP Codes when they were first introduced. Tables, file cabinets and a Mr. ZIP poster (right) are among dozens of items awaiting auction buyers at a Kansas postal facility.

April’s edition of Your Postal Podcast provides an inside look at how the Postal Service recycles used equipment while generating revenue. Items finding a new life include old USPS conveyor belts, cut up by one farmer for use as truck mud flaps and repurposed by another to transport hay bales into a barn loft.

The audio program also offers a primer on the 1-2-3’s of ZIP Codes to celebrate the program’s 50th anniversary.

The podcast concludes with a roundup of postal news, plus details on how you can enter to win a free Mr. ZIP bobblehead doll.

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